Even on the worst day there's a possibility of joy
The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder if only... ♥

She was just love eyeball all over him.


Because Chophia will always exist..

In 3x17 in the “rescue eachother” scene, after he says good to know she’s here, she goes, “I am here…we both are.” Well his line was suppossed to be, “I know that. I know that.” But he improved instead and said, “I know. ..It’s good being here… especially with you.” That was not scripted. And you can see they’re both choked up in that one as well. Chad almost starts crying and has to close his eyes, and Sophia swallows really hard when he says that and shuts her eyes too, and almost flubs on her lines. :] And the lines following that, you can just see how their reactions are different. Oh and that kiss was not scripted! She flops up her hand because it surprised her that Chad was that in the moment.

you’re all i taste at night inside of my mouth